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I was going to destroy them, or erase all messages and recordings, but I have done enough manipulation of you based on my own desires and ruinous thinking. At least, if you are reading this, I will never have to face you again. It's now the same on phone and laptop: (lowercase, no spaces): nonsemperfi.1. I hurt the person who most loved me, and it can't be fixed.

Dangerous in many ways." Devereaux replied within minutes: "It was great.

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There was another video that I watched, but it mainly showed them in bed as Jill sucked him off and then they talked about deployment. "I doubt we'll be able to get together in the Middle East," Devereaux said. I think we should leave it for here." "But I love sucking your dick," Jill said.

"I love your cock, it's so good," Jill said, "so far up me! "I'm going to fill you with my spunk now, Major," he said. I love being your slut." A few thrusts later, she said, "Oh, it's getting even bigger! " He drove it very hard then and grunted, and I knew from her little scream that Jill could feel him shooting into her. "I want to feel you get soft in me." A few minutes later, Devereaux got up and shut off the camera.

When you left so abruptly that night, I realized I'd compromised all that was best in me. I cut it off without explanation; I even wrote my statement down and memorized it. I think by looking at everything in the phone in order, you'll be able to piece it together with as much detail as you might want.

I have ended all personal interaction with Colonel Devereaux. It is up to you what you want to know of my affair with Colonel Devereaux.

"She and I hardly talked once we were in Afghanistan," he said.

He went home to Ohio instead of staying in their house on base. He did that sometimes during a stressful moment, even when driving. " "Too much to do, and she did her job competently. "We'll speak no more of it, Major, at least until we return to the states from overseas," he said. What did I have to know, what could I live without knowing? I skimmed a lot of messages that were about meetings, obviously work, and some that might have been either work or personal. I searched for Devereaux on the phone, and thousands of items populated a list. It is one thing to believe in principle, another to have so many responsibilities that preclude one mistake. We had all sorts of trouble finding her husband, Kyle Franklin. When they presented him the flag, he then gave it to her mother. I heard Dwight exhale, as if he were holding his breath. "She thought our whole logistics team was topnotch. It was as if he wanted to clear something up about Major Kinnison. I was surprised he knew so much about the major's situation when she was TDY across the country. I was just another problem solved before deployment. If he tried to talk of it ever, I intended to notify his wife and you. He usually wasn't so voluble about issues and people. I was a registered nurse until my husband's career demanded my time. The episode didn't seem strange until after we hung up. He "knew" his Marines, as a good commander would, but usually it didn't extend to more than married or not, children, education, political connections, that sort of thing. I'll tell no one of it, and I expect the same of you." He looked relieved. I wish you would destroy everything unread, unheard, unseen. Loved having it rest on my shoulder as I sat in that chair. "Colonel, I want your big thing in me," she said, laying completely nude on the bed with her legs spread as wide as I'd ever seen them. " he responded coming into the picture, standing by the bed, "You like a big one in your cunt, Major?