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As I said in the above it will barely move in 1st gear and in Reverse but does nothing in 2nd , 3rd or 4th gear. Re wheel castings with tires an rims or with out please contact me at 309 275-9474 an i work for a farmer his name is Beefy. I need these parts where can i find them or does any one have any of theses parts. Any ideas It was converted to 12 volt and I am going to try a new coil and resistor. The dealer unloaded it and left the operators manual on the kitchen table.

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We are new to this but after attending a few antique tractor pulls my husband and I fell in love so this is our new project. I was doing some metal detecting at a old homestead and found a badge of some sort. the one thing I cannot remember is what weightoil to use int the lower end of the injestion pump. at one time, my father cranked it every week or so and it purred real good.My cousin, thought that it didn t have antifreeze and drained it one night without telling my dad.I grew up on a cotton farm in Green Lake, Texas and Daddy bought a new MM in 1953 or 1954. I would love to identify the model and find and restore one. I will never forget pushing the lever to the gas side, starting it up, and letting it run a bit.I spent many years working the tractor but can t remember the model. When I pulled the lever back and heard the unmistakable crack of that Diesel take off, I was in love! My Massey Harris model #81S built in 1946 needs some help.It had the high steering wheel with the trottle to the right of the steering wheel.. I loved that tractor, it did a good job on a 4 row front mount #461 cultivator, or a 4 14s 370 plow. We had a M5 Moline gas that was a slug compared to my Farmall. I have used Hercules to plow the snow from my 600 foot driveway for the last ten years with no problems except he doesn t like to start when it s double digits below zero, censius .

I could outwork the Moline and use less fuel, and had that distinct crack of the diesel to listen to. The governer would kick in and the stack poured out thick black smoke. Yesterday he tried to start on the first turn over but sputtered to a stop.The Town has been offered a donation of a 1939 or 1940 Farmall B which has been restored.The tractor originally belonged to a family that farmed in our county and having it as part of the Town s Hostetler Auto Museum would be very complimentary because of its history.AC did not produce an engine that was small enough to fit the tractor, so a small Continental engine was used.A full line of implements were offered specifically for the AC Model G. It has the ford flat head 226 engine, with the cast Iron pan, not the I beam type Engine runs very well, and the trans and hydro function as they should.He passed away last spring and I am wondering if we should sell it or keep it for old times sake.