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The great cheeks began to tighten and relax round her hand in a rhythmic pulsing which was clearly not being consciously controlled.

It was as if some force originating within had taken control and was creating what Sabina described as an 'arsequake.' It intensified into a 'bumgasm.' Because, judging by the squeals of delight it was some kind of climax, and achieved without any contact with clitoris or vagina.

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' 'Takes more than a bit of stalking and talking to make me leak.' 'Confess, your pants are on fire.' 'Not till you fussit with my gusset.' Bracken chuckled again.'Oh, I'm going to blow till you flow.' Sabina gulped a glass of apple juice, wiped her mouth and said, 'I'm going to press those paps to pick their pips. I can do things with your bee-stings.' They fell silent, drained their coffee and were ready to go.I'm into nippleophilia.' 'Then you're in for a treat with my twin peaks.' 'Well, I have my crampons ready. Bracken said, 'You must have worked out that I've got a cabin to myself.' 'Yes.It's too cold to feck on deck.' 2 Strangely, after all the bravado, Bracken was completely passive after the door closed behind them and they were standing face to face, or, rather, face to bosom, given the size disparity.Then Sabina realised that although Bracken had made the running so far, it was she, Sabina who was completely in charge now.

She said, 'Not so handy with the hand, dear Bracken, or speedy with the speech now.' Bracken said nothing, but began to tremble, which was an impressive spectacle. ' Bracken now entered or adopted the role of grow-up little girl yielding to the blandishments of a ruthless seducer. I can tell.' 'Let's try something else, then,' Sabina said, sliding a hand up Bracken's skirt.' The trembling intensified and was accompanied by little whimperings.

'I'm pretty good with the funnylingus myself.' The two women sat together to eat, relishing the meal in anticipatory excitement.

Between mouthfuls Bracken said, 'Are you moisturising, little Sabina?

The introduction aboard the ferry, consisted of the woman behind her in the buffet queue squeezing her right buttock.

Which outrage naturally caused Sabina to turn and give the perpetrator a withering look, though since this had to be delivered upwards a foot, its effectiveness was diminished.

Now I'm going to try and represent a lesbian encounter, over a decade ago, between my friend, and occasional lover, Sabina, and a striking woman with an unusual name, interesting terminology, and sexual conduct at odds with her first impression.