Excel updating separate spreadsheets

That will open a new Excel window for you to open a spreadsheet in.

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Second, in the Connection Properties window of my DB connection, I checkmarked the option "Remove data from the external data range before saving the workbook." This helped tremendously so that my file was not continously growing in size with the larger amounts of data I may be querying up.

Now my entire refresh takes around 2-3 seconds instead of 30-45.

Running a vlookup on data sourced from another vlookup I have noticed takes quite some time. This will tell you if the issue is happening because the data is in two separate spreadsheet.

This should not be an issue but it will be a good test.

All the vlookups are in a separate Excel worksheet.

I have changed the Excel setting to manually update the links and calculate formulae. 12MB is a perfectly reasonable small-to medium file size and you should have no need to do anything so drastic as reworking to a database or something similar. I like the pre-opening idea: you can see what's happening then.

The separate windows are better for comparing and analyzing alternative spreadsheets and copying numerical values from one sheet to another.

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In my experience I've found linking to external files to be the slowest process of all.

I've read that this is due to Excel having to re-update the calculation model each time through a number of different linked files, rather than just one.

Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly one of the best spreadsheet applications for Windows.