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Translation: You should be cultivating friendships like your life depends on it.

So if your social circles have started to dwindle, here's what you can do to start adding some more friends to your roster.

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Channel the action-oriented, judgment-free way you made friends as a child in your adult life.

“We have negative thoughts such as ‘I’m not good enough to be that person’s friend,’ ‘I am not fun to be around because I’m boring, etc.” Cummins explains.

Remember how easy it was to make friends when you were a kid?

You'd pick a classmate to share some crayons with and before you knew it, you were buddies.

Maintaining friendships may even be important as we get age, according to researchers at Michigan State University who found that among older adults, friendship quality often predicts health more so than the quality of any other relationship.

Another study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University went as far as to say that friendships affect our life expectancy: people with larger social circles had a 50 percent lower mortality risk than those who didn't.

"During childhood, the part of our brain (prefrontal cortex) which provides executive functioning ability like judgment, planning and personality is not fully developed," explains Dr.

Kate Cummins, a licensed clinical psychologist in California.

“Whether this is a mastermind group, recreational [sports] leagues, weekly Zumba classes, a night class at a local community college, an REI training class, a Meet Up …

put yourself in situations where you’ll meet multiple new people face to face,” says Annie Wright, licensed psychotherapist in California.

"When a person acts on their behaviors first (texting and setting up a friend meet up) instead of creating a rejection scenario in their head, they are able to overcome the concerns or fears that may come along with rejection.”You don't have a classroom full of peers to choose from, but there are plenty of places you find yourself as an adult where you’re surrounded by like-minded people to befriend.