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I was a senior and had already accepted a job in the Midwest and he was going to law school. Catching up, reminiscing about our pasts, telling each other about our spouse and children. Oh, why was Facebook invented, I thought to myself.

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With Facebook’s help, the police were able to commandeer the teenage girl’s computer.

According to Special Agent Supervisor Jeffrey Duncan of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the information provided by Facebook allowed for the arrest of the suspect.

One night, I mentioned my daughter was looking at colleges and considering a university in the city in which he lived. She looked at me and replied, “Why are you more excited to go than I am, Mom? I blamed it on my daughter not really wanting to attend college so far from home. I considered unfriending him, but wasn’t ready to totally disconnect. I hated Facebook chat at that very minute and unfriended him.

He said I should come out and visit the campus and have lunch with him. I still had to check on him via his Facebook page and see what was going on in his life without me in it (even though I hadn’t been in it for 35 years) Did he love his wife? What has the online revolution done to us baby boomers?

Your private chats and messages on Facebook may not be as private as you think.

According to a report from Reuters, Facebook employs a technology that scans posts and chats for criminal activity.

I told one friend about this guy and she immediately advised me to stop; that I was wading into dangerous territory. I never brought it up to her again and continued my communication. All I had to do was sneak into my office and, to my family, it just looked like I was working late.3) I will never again search for someone online (and yes, there are more).

Initially, after we connected, I felt giddy and silly, my self-esteem was boosted and I went about my business during the day looking forward to a hot date every night.

I took the energy I was clearly wasting on this fantastical situation and transferred it to a few hours of productive work – minus the wine – and noticed a huge payoff in the form of increased referrals.5) I truly believe this was my mid-life crisis.

No one got hurt, nothing was acted upon and I moved through it realizing just how lucky I am to have a man who loves me, two daughters who depend on me, and, most importantly, the good sense to realize I was being tested in some odd way. I shut the door on years that cannot be taken back, decisions that cannot be changed and quietly thank him for telling me to take care of myself.

It didn’t take long for us to make our way directly to my bed and spend the next few days rekindling our romance.