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The good thing is WUD works from a series of separate “Update Lists“, you download and install whichever ones you want into the program.Lists for Office 2003, Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8 are available although the Vista lists seem to have been abandoned since 2009.The tldr: the number of devices with a harmful app is 0.05%, and for 1.5B devices extremely impressive.

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This will also populate the Download tab with all available update files that can be downloaded, the patches that can be applied to the current machine are ticked ready to be downloaded.Obviously if you want a complete offline update distro just click the select all tick box which will download everything to the Cache folder when you click Start.XP has been around since 2001, which means that you've really had more than enough time to let it go. A number of businesses, not to mention governments, still rely on XP-based systems. There's also the fact that you're running a 13-year-old OS so you'd likely see better performance if you upgrade. The requirements for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are now: If you don't have this and you want to upgrade, then it's time for a new laptop or desktop.But if you want to give upgrades a shot, here's how to proceed.Did Windows Vista scare you off updating your PC so much that you let Windows 7 and 8 pass you by?

Well, the time has come for you to move on because full XP support is no more, starting today. governments, for example, paid Microsoft a few million dollars to extend support for a year, The Guardian reported. Well, if any bugs are found after Tuesday, Microsoft won't be fixing them, though it will support antimalware signatures for XP through July 14, 2015. At its recent Build conference, Microsoft lowered the system requirements for Windows 8.1 so more machines can upgrade to the latest OS.For example, you couldn’t download the files on Windows 7 and then update an offline XP or Vista.For a true multi version update tool, you would need to have access to an installed copy of every Windows.After installing the program, simply download and double click an update list file to integrate it into WUD, they are then switchable via the update list drop down menu.The process is easy, once the list you want is displayed simply go through the list and select what you want, or press Check All to get everything including any Service Packs, Windows Live Essentials and Security Essentials etc.Citing Google's blog post for Android security is not very convincing.