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As the cylinder moved down on the power stroke, the piston uncovered the exhaust port, expelling the burnt gases.As far as the Model 32 is concerned, some still exist in abandoned factories and power stations, while others have been saved and preserved. Stotz from Westinghouse Electric Corporation and began developing plans for a 1, horsepower switcher and a 2, multipurpose locomotive.

A lot of collectors have the small single cylinder 3HP engines as you describe. If you are trying to verify that the engine was sold to the owners/builders of that vessel....I would say it would be difficult if the engine had a serial number and impossible if it doesn't.Both of these engines were worn extensively in marine use.I've researched and found the names of 39 boats and their owners that had converted engines used in South Louisiana. Kathy Lingar Gentleman, Please remember what the subject of this thread is about, A Fairbanks engine 70ft under water. A lot of folks do not realize that it is common courtesy that if you have a question about another subject then you are to start a new thread.They were nicknamed FELEQUAK (sp) which is a name for a tall marsh bird that stands errect. Hope I did not offend anyone, just a little reminder to be courteous to others. I have a 4 HP impérial # 4434 engine, made by the Bruce Stewart & co in Charlettown PEI.

I invite and willingly accept additions/corrections to my research! There is an oval plate that has the numbers 233003 and 3 horsepower, made in USA and 450 rpm. The cylinder is perforated and the water jacket is broken in some places, no lose bearings, piston, connecting rod and crank shaft are A1. From the Canadian F-M marine engines I have seen (a few), there was a small cast boss on top of the cylinder where the serial number would be stamped.Production of the Deere type "E" began in is the earliest found and ended in Serial numbers are located on the I.Directions for setting up and operating the IHC Titan Famous 1 HP hopper cooled engine with price list and illustrations or repair parts. Articles for national up and every Titan horizontal hopper connected throttling component wastage offers. A job before by IHC wonders in the 's that websites internal business theory and engine whole.I have a headless single cylinder F-M made in canada in my collection --it has spark plug ignition, Larry Healey I have a FM T vertical one cyl stationary engine that was converted for marine use by removing one flywheel, adding a larger water pump from an IHC engine.I also have a 6HP IHC Famous vertical that got the same treatment.The Y and Y-VA suggestions were made to run for escalation tickets without stopping.