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(Parents take child’s hand) Then they have a child, then they have a child, hi- ho A fam’ly-o, then they have a child.(Parents take next child’s hand) And baby makes four, and baby makes four, hi-ho A fam'ly-o, and baby makes four.

This blog is dedicated to sharing ideas that your family has for each week's FHE.

Please leave a comment with what your family is doing for this week's lesson! Love, The Blodgett Canyon Primary Presidency Give each member of the family a popsicle stick with a smiley and frowny face on it (back to back).When you read examples each family member holds up either the happy face or sad face to reflect if the choice was good or bad. For example: I go to Primary, I poke my friend instead of folding my arms, I say thank you, I laugh when another child falls down, I put away my dishes, etc.There are four cards that I made for the beginning of the group.The first card will be the temple one, on the back of that will be the my inspiration and guide (with the exception of the one I created myself to omit a gap) I created these "candy Bar Men" cards (4 per page) to print onto card stock, back to back.

I will cut them into their respective four postcard sized info cards, punch little circles in the upper left corner and connect them with a little ring for the lesson this Sunday: Young Women Manual Three Lesson 35, Dating Decisions.The next card will be the Ezra Taft Benson quote "Remember, Young Women..." and on the back of that will be the "Qualities that are important to me in a future husband" where the YW can list what they are looking for in their future spouse.These are always interesting and fun to look at years later.One of my friends, Anthony Sweat and I wrote a book on WHY teens should live LDS Standards.As part of this book we included object lessons that parents (or the teens themselves) could use in a teaching setting.The wife of our current Stake President talked about what she had put on her list years ago.