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This book brings together research on China’s “red classics” across the entire Maoist period through to their re-emergence in the reform era.It critically investigates the changing nature and significance of China’s “red classics” at each point of their (re/)emergence in three key areas: their socio-political and ideological import, their aesthetic significance and their function as a mass ...

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and i do that without a degree, what is your problem with that ?She is asking for contacts and not your opinion on what you think about counseling.After graduation, when we bumped into her recently and she still remembered us, either she is a good patient focused doctor or our fights in her office was impressive.Good Luck hey scorpio01, it's more than that, are you married with children in Hong Kong where circumstances are so much different that in your home country? and this is a public forum so be prepared to hear all the view, like them or not.If the thread was about "is counseling worth it or not",would have respected your opinion.

BTW, I'm not talking about naked girls, it's the job and the status as well.

On the other hand, I felt that the counseling sessions at St.

Johns provided a good structure to work on the issues that we had.

Please let me continue as Scorpio has a good point.

Scorpio, I do agree and I think you are really lucky to have such support system around your life.

i have had similar problems and they were very severe, we made our father in law sit between us and decide which one was correct where and which one needed to change where, and we FOLLOWED their advise and things are perfect now.