dating in gwanda Fonts not validating mac

Use FT_Get_Win FNT_Header and examine the ‘charset’ field of the FT_Win FNT_Header Rec structure to find out which encoding is really present.

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If, for example, the ‘cs_registry’ field is ‘KOI8’ and the ‘cs_encoding’ field is ‘R’, the font is encoded in KOI8-R.

FT_ENCODING_NONE is always set (with a single exception) by the winfonts driver.

See FT_Face Rec for the publicly accessible fields of a given face object.

A handle to an object that models a face scaled to a given character size.

A charmap is used to translate character codes in a given encoding into glyph indexes for its parent's face.

Some font formats may provide several charmaps per font.

For more information see ‘https:// Best Fit/bestfit949.txt’.

By default, Free Type enables a Unicode charmap and tags it with FT_ENCODING_UNICODE when it is either provided or can be generated from Post Script glyph name dictionaries in the font file.

See FT_Size Rec for the publicly accessible fields of a given size object. A slot is a container that can hold any of the glyphs contained in its parent face.

In other words, each time you call FT_Load_Glyph or FT_Load_Char, the slot's content is erased by the new glyph data, i.e., the glyph's metrics, its image (bitmap or outline), and other control information.

Each face object owns zero or more charmaps, but only one of them can be ‘active’, providing the data used by FT_Get_Char_Index or FT_Load_Char.