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“We don’t want to break anyone’s encryption or set a master key loose on the land.I hope thoughtful people will take the time to understand that,” Comey wrote in an editorial.Apple CEO Tim Cook focused on the long-term implications that such a move might have.

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Jacobs spent two-and-a-half years with Whisper Systems, the company behind Signal, before leaving earlier this year.

Signal has been praised by the cybersecurity community for its robustness. It was one of the few apps to receive top marks for security in an EFF survey, while Jonathan Ździarski, a security researcher who has been much cited in Apple’s battle with the FBI, praised it for revealing “virtually nothing” when put through its paces with data excavation tools.

It’s unclear exactly what Jacobs’ role will be at Apple, but his hiring comes at a time when the firm is under major pressure.