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See, there are some things that are part and parcel of working for a Japanese firm, and if you plan on working here, you’re gonna want to know them. Job 1: The Small, Personal Company So my first office job was a managerial position at this small company in a quiet Tokyo neighborhood. Until then, I hadn’t noticed just how good the room’s sound insulation was, but it was really quite excellent. So color me shocked when I learned that working in a Japanese office is like that musical with all the singing, fake French people– Now, I know what you’re thinking: “That’s only two jobs,” is what you think.

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Well, whatever, after a horrible year of teaching English, I somehow managed to interview and get a high-paying office job in Tokyo, twice. Being in Japan for a few years has a way of making one strange.

And you know I was also pretty naive at that time, because I thought there was nothing worse than teaching. “Bento” is the Japanese word for a Tupperware full of cold rice, cold fish, cold boiled spinach, cold omelette, and a meatball. “Hey, my name’s Stephen,” said this white guy named Stephen.

Some of this stuff is carryover from last year even (and extra thanks to the staff for not murdering me for sitting on it forever), some of it is from last week.

It’s what I have ready for now, or else we’ll be waiting another year until I feel like I’m caught up.

So, having thus gotten to know each other, we worked another eight hours in silence in our little room, until it was dark and we all went home in turn: first the employee lady, then me, and I guess at some point the boss lady too, but maybe not. Job 2: The big, also Personal Company The next place I worked was an enormous room full of people.

My employee lady sat like an ice sculpture, slowly melting into her chair. “I’m kind of between situations right now,” I answered, “if you know what I mean.” Actually, I didn’t even know what I meant, but it sounded like a reasonable answer. Check these out,” he said, and proceeded to give me an i Phone picture tour of the women he was dating. There will be more to come soon, apologies to everyone as always.I won’t try and explain the plan I have to get caught up with all the tapes, records and zines piling up here – I do have a plan though, I swear.Real nice spot, with a park and trees and the whole bit. She had a bald spot on the top of her head, so I figured that’s why she was behind me. I sat behind her, looking over her shoulder, although my hair is rich and luxurious. I drank a lot of coffee and went to the bathroom all the time. And on paper, the job looked great, because it came with a high salary and, well, okay, that’s about it. I bought a couple of new suits and this excellent red tie that I later lost in a karaoke booth. Anyway, on Day One they put me in this little room with two middle-aged Japanese ladies. But, you know, I’m a pretty positive guy, so I tried to fun things up right from the start. I figured we could use lunch time to get to know each other, break the ice, even do some team-building. “You know, first day and all, how about we grab a bite at that cafe across from the park? “Well, okay,” I ventured, “How about ordering up a couple pizzas?