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The Zen Pad 3S 10 has much better hardware than our previous pick, the now-discontinued Nvidia Shield K1.The Zen Pad has a crisp, bright 9.7-inch display with the same resolution as the 9.7-inch i Pad (2048×1536).

The selection of apps in Amazon’s app store is small compared with what you can get via Google Play, but it includes most popular non-Google apps.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the best Android tablet you can buy, with a handy S Pen stylus and a vibrant 9.7-inch Super AMOLED display.

But if you aren’t already committed to Android, the i Pad line offers a better combination of hardware, software, and accessories.

Compared with their Android counterparts, i Pads currently have better build quality, a smoother and more responsive UI, better long-term OS support, larger available internal storage, far better cameras, and much more tablet-optimized software.

Companies just aren’t releasing many great tablets.

Specifically, these are the criteria we use to decide which tablets are worth buying: We used each tablet for general tasks such as browsing the Web, checking email, watching movies, and listening to music.

Many Android tablet apps still feel like stretched phone apps, while i Pad apps have been designed to take better advantage of the tablet’s screen size.

If you have an older Android tablet that’s slow in day-to-day use, you might want to upgrade.

As an alternative to a tablet, you may want to consider getting a larger phone the next time you upgrade.

An Android phone with a 5.7-inch screen will let you do the same things as a 7-inch tablet.

This is definitely one of my favorite new pieces I have added to my closet!