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My ex and I are still going through divorce and I thought I was pretty well on the road to healing and even getting close to “meh”.

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Now his mom won’t talk to me either because apparently I made this all up even though I told her everything I knew. He’s not going to change his character-assassinating narrative that This Is All Your Fault. The story of cruel Crazy Lady and her Ridiculous Trust Issues is much more palatable to him (and some others) than the reality of I Am a Shady Fuck Who Abandoned His Family. First of all, you’re arguing over money in your divorce. Is there a chance you might get a sympathetic judge? You seem to think there is some value to facts over fiction, that reality trumps his self-serving hogswallop. When you expect disordered people to live by the norms of rational, caring humankind — you’re going to be bitterly disappointed.

Dear Crazy Lady, Don’t predicate your healing on what your ex does or does not do. You’re failing to look at this through the lens of the disordered — “truth” is situational. The best you’ll get (and only if there is a boot on their necks) is feigned half-hearted “understanding” of the Mistakes Were Made variety.

She pleads "no please" and whimpers and generally makes known her reluctance to blow him.

So he installs a dental spreader gag and cranks it open to the point where I thought it looked damned uncomfortable.

It is a nice long scene filled with sound and fury signifying rough sex.

Unfortunately, at one point she starts screaming "oh yes, fuck me deeper" which would betray a purely nonconsensual rape scenario.

He gave me four different excuses on four different days for that. Someone who cares would go to great pains to make you feel secure.

He also deleted three months off our phone call shared log and refused to let me look at his phone saying I was invading his personal privacy. My biggest problem with moving on is he never admitted to cheating, yet just decided he wanted out of the marriage because I was snooping too much.

He started lying about his whereabouts, which I caught him on from our credit card bill, started stockpiling on breath mints (his car was loaded and found them in every pocket), came home and would go straight upstairs and change, wash his face, etc. Let the fuckwit think and feel and spout whatever nonsense he wants.

One day I even found spots of wet semen in his underwear that he took off right after coming home.

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