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Alan and Joey had known one another since childhood. "Everyone says that about her." "Sexy too," Joey chimed-in. She had had not intended to eavesdrop, but when she heard Joey's excited voice above the music she paused and smiled, wondering what girl from school the boys were discussing. If my mom looked like that I wouldn't mind being a motherfucker," he said. A flush came over her face and she smiled, recalling the times that she had noticed her teenage son's sapphire eyes linger on her longer than they probably should have.They lived within a block of one another in Maple Ridge and would both be turning nineteen within two months. She knew fully well what teenage guys were like: preoccupied with sex almost constantly. "Man, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but -- she's hot! The times that Kristin had noticed her son's apparent ogling of her she never thought much of it, or concluded that she was over-reacting.

But it always aroused her as much as it probably did Patrick. I came home from your place one afternoon and she was lying out, tanning on a towel. The gentle wind that was blowing helped to cool Kristin's flushed cheeks.She began to enjoy the power of being able to get her brother's attention and turn him on. She had untied her bikini top, but she was lying on her stomach so I couldn't see much." "Did you see anything? She was lying on it, so it was sort of flattened out, but the side of it kind of stuck out." Alan let out a nervous laugh. She laid back on a folding aluminum chair on the patio, sipping an iced tea.Kristin felt herself shudder slightly as her clit began to harden.The memory of that embrace and it's forbidden undercurrent filled Kristin's mind many nights as she lay in bed with her vibrator pressed to her throbbing clit, writhing as one orgasm after another left her spent and limp on the damp sheet beneath her.But she did not want the boys to hear her and suspect that she had been listening to them. "Once when I was walking by her room after she got out of the shower I saw her pulling a sweater on," Alan said. She pushed her shoes off, letting them drop to the tiles of the patio.

She braced her hand on the door of the linen closet and leaned closer to her son's bedroom door. The breeze was blowing up her thin, peach-coloured skirt, billowing it slightly and teasing her wet pussy through her tight, damp panties. It made her feel wanton to be lying within view of her neighbours' houses while being so horny.It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and she had just brought a basket of clothes in from the clothesline.She loved the way they smelled after hanging outside.Her nipples rubbed over the inside of the thin blouse she wore. This was not the first time that he had inadvertently been the cause of her growing horny, but this time her emotions were stronger than all the previous.She regretted her decision not to wear a bra that day and contemplated going to her room to put one on. " Now the conversation sounded more like an interrogation. The sweater was over her head already so she never saw me, but I came back in here pretty quick before she turned around and saw me," he elaborated. Kristin placed her glass on a redwood table beside her chair.The thought of her son watching her writhing in pleasure came to her and turned her on even more.