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Later this afternoon we arrive at Pakruojis Manor where we will be spending the night.

The manor consists of 34 buildings including the main house, a stable block, mill and perfumery all set in a beautiful park setting, which is now a living museum that shows how the residents and staff would have lived and worked in 19th century.

Walking through the forests you will see locals passing the time picking mushrooms and gathering berries.

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Many of its buildings date back to the 17th century, when the Jesuits bought tracts of land here and built a large monastery.Some buildings are older, with impressive examples of Gothic architecture.Kaunas was the country's temporary capital between 19 when Vilnius was forcibly annexed by the Poles.Situated in the heart of Lithuania, it is often regarded as the most characteristic city in the country.Maximum group size ranges from between 6 to 20 people, depending on the type of trip, the transport and accommodation used and activities included.

We rarely have groups that are smaller than five or six people and the average is 12 people plus an Explore leader.

By the turn of the last century, Vilnius also had an 80,000-strong Jewish community.

However, by the end of World War II, it had been completely decimated.

Our trip begins in Lithuania's capital city, Vilnius.

After checking in to our hotel and meeting the group, this evening is at leisure for you to enjoy your first taste of the city's vibrant cafe, restaurant and nightlife culture.

The majority of visitors to the Baltic States will be surprised by the quality, variety and value of food and drink on offer.