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Case after case showed a small, but significant increase in sub-threshold performance (as an example, efforts longer than about 4 minutes all-out).

So I decided to find out for myself if ketones could, indeed, offer up the same amount of usable energy with less oxygen consumption. The table below shows the data collected over the first 20 minute effort.

The 20 minute effort was continuous, but for the purpose of presenting the data, I’ve shown the segmental values—end of segment for glucose and BHB; segment average for HR, minute ventilation (in m L per min), and RQ; and segment total for minute ventilation (in liters).Glucose and BHB went down slightly throughout the effort and RQ fell, implying a high rate of fat oxidation. Energy expenditure (EE), in kcal/min, can be derived from the VOdata and the Weir equation.I also concluded that post by discussing the possibility of testing this (theoretical) idea in a real person, with the help of exogenous (i.e., synthetic) ketones.I have seen this effect in (unpublished) data in world class athletes not on a ketogenic diet who have supplemented with exogenous ketones (more on that, below).In this case, to see if exogenous ketone esters provide me a “boost” by allowing me to do the same amount of work while expending less energy (and work at a relatively lower VO2) compared to no supplementation. Am I in ketosis if my liver isn’t producing ketones, but my BOHB is 1.5 mmol/L after ingesting ketones? But it will provide you will some context and understanding about what exogenous ketones are, and what they might do for athletic performance.

I’m getting an increasing number of questions about exogenous ketones. We’ll likely podcast about the questions and topics above and cover other aspects of exogenous ketones in more detail. A., June 2018 § Last year I wrote a couple of posts on the nuances and complexities of ketosis, with an emphasis on nutritional ketosis (but some discussion of other states of ketosis—starvation ketosis and diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA).

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I wrote this post at about the same time Germany won the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro in 2014. Can taking exogenous ketones reduce endogenous production on a ketogenic diet?

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Clearly this is context limited (i.e., only true, , in athletes on high carb diets with high RQ).