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After the summer camp is finished, female volunteers within the community step in to guide, to support and to be a sounding board for these young entrepreneurs.

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All City, All Girls Webinars It can be lonely to be in business for yourself, so Envision Lead Grow designed a way to ensure these young entrepreneurs never feel isolated.Aside from the check-ins with their mentors, ELG girls and mentors have the chance to meet each other through virtual meetings.At the end of the summer immersion camp, these young women will leave with a solid business idea, a Passion Pitch they can use to sell their idea to others and confidence to take their company - and community - to the next level.9-Month Mentoring Support The Summer Immersion summer camp experience is just the beginning of the process for these budding Girl Bosses.We partner with adult mentors in each city where Envision Lead Grow sets up.Sharing Angela’s passion for entrepreneurship, she jumped into Envision Lead Grow with both feet.

Anyssa is the Program Manager for Envision Lead Grow.

In addition to entrepreneurial, STEM-infused practices, girls will have opportunity for choice time activities, such as yoga, drama (daily improvisation games), singing, dancing, creative writing, visual art, sports (volleyball, soccer, basketball, or tennis), swimming, blogging, cooking, and/or hiking.

The girls will have the opportunity to explore Hampton Roads and experience some form of culture that is unique or unfamiliar to them.

Middle school girls from around your community will come together at a sleepaway camp to learn the building blocks of becoming an entrepreneur.

Many of the girls start the session as strangers and will leave as great friends.

It’s an all-expenses paid trip for the girls who participate in the mentoring sessions, the All-City Webinars and the ELG business challenges.