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John Rich, inventor of the Harlequinade, was the first to describe a play as a pantomime. With a wave of the wand Cinderella is transformed too, and then Pedro as well. Cinderella appears, accompanied by Pedro and the page. The clock strikes twelve and Cinderella flees, losing one of the glass slippers. He was a performer and founder of Covent Garden Theatre. The little page fondles Cinderella, a sign of love twining himself around her heart.

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Disher discusses the styles of various harlequins and pantomime actors from Grimaldi to Charlie Chaplin. In a quartet the sisters scorn her and Cinderella pities and feeds her. " The chorus picks up the last two lines to end the opera.]. Pedro supplies the pumpkin, mice in a trice, and lizards. Lists the dates when “Harlequin and Cinderella” or “Cinderella; or, the Fairy and the Little Glass Slipper” were performed by different theatre companies and includes audiences responses through letters and reviews. Alidoro appears, announces the Prince and the bride search. The Prince, presumably in disguise, in recitative explains his visit (his friend has informed him that he will find his bride in this house); he meets Cinderella. But Cinderella has no use for reality, or rather, try as she will, she cannot make contact with reality, so she turns from poor Buttons with his human loves and hates to the impossible ideal, Prince Charming" (p. The Ugly Sisters' attempts to fit their feet into the slipper are castration attempts to have female genitals. She turns her back on Buttons and is united in a kind of deathlike way (forever after) "with an ideal combined mother-father figure, the dashing Principal Boy with the long cane and the magnificent bosom" (p. Voices call from off stage insulting her and demanding work. 130), who makes up for the missing mother and the inept father and completes her mythic dream as the real Buttons could not do.], at Drury Lane Theatre in 1702. A wrinkled old woman leading a ragged boy enters begging. Instantly they are transformed into a beautiful female and lovely page. Cinderella longs for the impossible ideal figured in Principal Boy (both mother and father figure) and cannot appreciate Buttons, who loves her and "is the only human being in this galaxy of Panto mortals and immortals.

He is the one who makes contact with the children in the audience so that they sing together, shout slogans together, laugh and cry together. At the end the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella and Pedro are exposed. A trumpet is heard announcing the Prince's search. Cinderella appears but is banned by the Chamberlain. The Prince is changed to Harlequin, Cinderella to Columbine, Squaretoso to Pantaloon, the Baron to a clown, and they dance. 11: Booksellers, Clockmakers, Auctioneers, and Perfumers perform with tricks and novelties and a galoppe by Fred Payne and Mademoiselle Esther. 12: Wimbledon Common, with performances by the National Rifle Association, the Zoological Prize Meeting, a pic-nic—"something out of the common"—and DONATO: A New Grand Unusual pas de Trois ___ (guess, lest it be "Payne-ful to enlighten them"). The Harlequinade joins in as the scene transforms into The Christmas Revel of "The Fairies in their Submarine Retreat."]. Promenade Concerts (made up of musical notes and ice cream), along with Music Hall and four little volumes labelled English Songs, Scots Songs, Irish Songs, and Comic Songs. Rogers), Prince Plenteous (Miss Nelly Power), Flunkini, his valet (Miss Maud Brennan), Sambo (Mr. There is to be a ball tomorrow, his coming of age day—an insect ball—his last chance. 2: Giant Cornfield and Grand Ballet, with a Procession of the Insects. She says she was only gleaning, sent out by her mean sisters to do so. Cinderella's carriage crosses the stage followed by a procession of women from all nations. The carriage springs up through a trapdoor and the horses, coachmen, etc., appear from the wings as FG projects her magic by throwing mice, etc. He says he has to look after all the messes men make, and Serena says she must look after the shy maiden Cinderella. Women crowd around to try, including the haughty sisters. [Synopsis, as printed in the Programme of Scenery and Incidents: ' Sc. General rising of the Fairy population—their Queen relates a famous history, and is interrupted by the arrival of a —A charming Portrait in an oak frame—Dandini, being excessively inflated, is eventually blown up—the Prince of Salerno assumes the dress of Dandini, and, seeking change, passes off a light sovereign for its mere . Desplaces and danced by the same dancers as before. Lizards and rats run away; Pedro lugs off the pumpkin, and the Baron returns emptying his pockets of all the loot he purloined. Females of all nations try on the slipper, including Thisbe and Clothilda. Hobgoblin groans and declares he'll be a congenial goblin hereafter; Papillion approves and suggests he take his time from her. 10: The Fairy's Chronometer and the Flight of the Hours. Papillion appears in necromantic garb to claim her wager. Then a poor Bohemian girl comes on with a scroll labelled "English Opera"—"Poor English Opera—so kept at a distance that folks would have almost forgotten her existence, were it not for Miss Blanche Cole, who is good in every role. Bradshaw), Guests, Fairies, Servants, Countrymen, Insects, Children, etc. There's no retracting the spell of a spelling bee. Farmers and reapers rush on stage in pursuit of Cinderella, who calls for help: "Save me! The farmers accuse her of stealing corn from a sheaf. She fetches the pumpkin, rat, mice, and lizards for the Fairy. Oberon appears, and Fairy Serena wishes he would spend more time with her. The Prince sees her dancing the polka and asks her to sit with him. They talk about whether the Prince has seen her before, then she sits with the Queen to listen to "The Harp of the Troubadour." She inquires about the time, but the Prince insists it is early, so she dances a waltz with him as the clock strikes midnight. All that can be found of her is a little glass slipper and report of a little beggar-girl. Sc.1: The Herald proclaims that the Prince has vowed by the Moon and Big Dipper to marry the lady who puts on the slipper. The first Cinderella stage production was in 1804, though the first real pantomime treatment was not until 1864. In 1948 alone, there were 37 different Cinderella productions in England. Performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane 24 December 1803. [Cast: The Prince, Cupid, Hymen, Page, Pedro; Venus, the Graces, Cinderella, Two Sisters, Fairy. The Immortals sing praises to Venus, who announces her plan. Application submitted to the Lord Chamberlain 17 Dec. The play, a ballet, alternates miming dance with music in the form of recitatives, arias, and choruses. The Prince appears and the immortals entertain him with a dance while Cupid fixes an arrow in his heart. Over her fine bosom falls a cascade of lace ruffles, and nestling in the lace is a large oval diamond the size of a hen's egg.