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They may not be at ease even talking about sex, but they can still help you find someone who is. The use of an erectogenic pharmacotherapy regimen following radical prostatectomy improves recovery of spontaneous erectile function.

Many doctors also fail to mention the sexual side effects of cancer and medical treatments.

If you’re being treated at a cancer center, check to see what programs are offered. In recent years, medical schools and even private practice groups have begun treating sexual problems and/or promote sexual health. Implants, mechanical devices, and vascular surgery for erectile dysfunction. For instance, a man who is having “seed implants” (brachytherapy) for prostate cancer should check with his doctor about safety precautions, like using condoms, because sometimes the seeds can move. Men who are getting chemo also should avoid causing pregnancy during and for some time after treatment because chemo may damage the DNA in sperm cells. Ask your doctor about birth control if your partner might get pregnant. Give your partner some ideas on helping you feel more sexual again, such as, “Let’s try being affectionate in a relaxed way,” or “I’d like to know that you still find me attractive.” You may also need to reassure your partner that your cancer treatment does not make sex dangerous. If you have external radiation treatments, having sex with you does not expose your partner to radiation. The association between erectile dysfunction and depressive symptoms in men treated for prostate cancer.

Ask your cancer care team if sex may be a problem at any time during or after your treatment.

Such clinics provide psychological and medical exams through many different types of health care providers.

Some clinics require both sexual partners to take part, but you may be seen alone if you’re not in a committed relationship. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction in the primary care setting: Importance of risk factors for diabetes and vascular disease.

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If your cancer specialist can’t help you, you should be examined by a urologist (a medical doctor trained in diseases of the urinary tract and male genitals) with extra training in how to treat sexual problems.