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This relationship evolves as trust and safety is established. Sometimes these things make everyday life very difficult.

Behaviors, feelings and thoughts are looked at nonjudgmentally as we collaboratively explore new ways of viewing and handling them. I believe that therapy can help bring about healthy self-realization, growth, and change."""Sometimes life deals you lemons." My job, as a therapist, is to help you make lemonade.

It can be easy to feel bogged down by today's pressures and expectations.

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If you find yourself feeling unsatisfied with aspects of your life, counseling can be a good way to get some support and sort things out."""Sometimes life deals you lemons." My job, as a therapist, is to help you make lemonade.The relationship between therapist and client is unique.In 2012, I began working with veterans and survivors of trauma using a combination of narrative and cognitive-behavioral therapies.I have continued to work with a variety of patients, as well as, having the freedom in my practice to continue specializing in couples and trauma survivors.""Within my 10 years of counseling experience, I have worked with a wide-range of patients from all ages with many different difficulties.My counseling style, developed during 25 years of professional experience, combines multiple approaches and techniques to utilize "what works" with a particular problem.

We will work together in an interactive process to explore your unique situation and choose what steps to take.Through counseling, I help people to explore, understand self limiting thinking and behaviors to live more meaningful and purposeful lives.I use an Eclectic therapeutic approach to serve each client's need to assist the process of working toward balance.""Often people are searching for new ways to find their potential.You do not have to face those difficult times alone.I would like to provide information, tools and skills to help guide you through the difficult times and help you find a solution to the problem as well as relief.""I believe that life is amazing, however, it can also be challenging.I offer individual and family appointments, assisting clients to reach their personal potential and improve their intimate relationships.