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If he’s not letting you in and sharing what’s really on his mind (especially the stuff that he normally wouldn’t share with anyone else), then chances are you’re not really reaching his heart.On the other hand, if when you’re together, you’re his sanctuary… the woman with whom he shares the parts he’d normally hide…I’ve eased up on the texts (just in case I was overwhelming him), but for the times I really want to hear from him can you tell me how to get him to text me back? From the moment I’m up to maybe an hour or two before I go to bed, chances are I’m working… Neediness is crippling to the quality of any relationship (whether it’s a guy or woman acting needy) and it’s something you need to prevent from creeping into your mind at all costs. Personally, I don’t ignore needy texts out of cruelty – I ignore them because it’s an insatiable relationship monster that I don’t ever want to feed (metaphorically speaking). If a girl wants to flirt with me over text and send me sexy pictures, I’m all over that. Be a woman that he loves to text because his life is more fun and more full with you perking him up.

I’m prefacing my immediate answer with that disclosure because I don’t want you to mistake my bluntness for rudeness. Now before you march to my South Beach condo with a burning pitchfork, let me explain. I can’t express in words what a breath of fresh air it is when a sexy woman appears on my phone and her fundamental message is: I want you to feel good. What I’m really driving at is if you want him to respond quickly to your texts and love texting you, then make the experience of texting you . Men love when someone makes their day lighter and simpler, not heavier and more complex. You’d be amazed at the number of questions I get about guys and texting. I should mention something very important that a surprising amount of women don’t seem to know… Heck, I’m always pleasant and good to any and every girl I’m with, but it doesn’t mean I want her to be my girlfriend.Everything I’m saying is with the intent to help you… In terms of you wanting him to text you back, my most blunt question is: What’s there to gain and what’s there to lose? One of the first questions I ask is, “How is your relationship when you’re together? When I say pay attention to the quality of your relationship, I’m not talking about him talking sweetly to you. MORE: When A Guy Won’t Call You His Girlfriend The ultimate barometer of how he feels around you is how “accessible” he is to you.So in that context, it’s very likely that if he’s not texting you back, it’s more about his texting habits and not anything to do with your relationship.I’ve written about texting many times before, so if you have more questions, leave me a comment and/or read my other related articles on texting. Here’s a list of the texts that I It’s not that I don’t like the people texting me…

” I ask this because, to be quite frank, a lot of guys loathe texting. Granted, it’s much less annoying than a phone call (my God… Lots of guys know how to be pleasant, charming, and sweet while simultaneously being like teflon – you’re getting his charming performance, not true access to who he really is.

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However, for the last two weeks I feel like something changed. and it’s definitely not because I’m greedy or self-centered (I’m generous and I like giving to others…

Now there have been times where he won’t text me for a day or two and when we do text, I feel like it’s always me initiating the conversations. I put others first to a fault, to be perfectly honest.) The fact is, I can only give so much and when I get a text that adds yet another thing to my plate of things to deal with, I’m likely to ignore it, or at least put off responding. Texts that take energy away from me (or any guy) are more subtle than you think.

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