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First heatwave in forty years unveils ancient Ireland.

Posted by Sean kelly on 1-18-16 in Breaking, News Fox news pundit Bill O’Reilly threatened to move back to his native Killarney if Bernie Sanders becomes president last week during an exchange with White House correspondent Ed Henry.

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Teasing out the details involves deploying the new methodology of archival ethnography, combined with a fresh scrutiny of the papyri (written in Nabatean Aramaic), to investigate the Nabatean and Jewish individuals mentioned and their relationships within the social, ethnic, economic, and political realities of Nabatea at that time.

Aspects of this context which are thrown into sharp relief by this book include: the prominence of wealthy Nabatean women and their husbands’ financial reliance on them; the high returns and steep losses possible in date cultivation; the sophistication of Nabatean law and lawyers; the lingering effect of the Nabateans’ nomadic past in lessening the social distance between elite and non-elite; and the good ethnic relations between Nabateans and Jews.

In the fall of 1996, The Irish Village opened its doors with a full complement of Irish staff; a tradition that has been kept to the current days!

With the ongoing success and the increasing demand, The Village terrace has been expanded over the years to satisfy Dubai patrons and can now accommodate up to 3500 people during special events and concerts.Acknowledging the great spaces created beneath the stadium terraces, Mr.Colm Mc Loughlin, Executive Vice Chairman at Dubai Duty Free, with the support of H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, came up with the idea of building a permanent outlet that would cater to visitors on the different events held at the stadium. The Village was designed using Irish craftsmanship and materials which were shipped to Dubai and reassembled on site, creating an authentic experience in the heart of the city.To commemorate the 10th anniversary in 2007, a life-size bronze sculpture of three traditional Irish musicians, depicting the rural charm of the Emerald Isle has been installed in the center of The Village terrace.The sculpture, entitled “The Session” was commissioned In Ireland and created by Irish artist Austin Mc Quinn.More In 1961 archaeologists discovered a family archive of legal papyri in a cave near the Dead Sea where their owner, the Jewish woman Babatha, had hidden them in 135 CE at the end of the Bar Kokhba revolt.