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Here we help you find people like you looking for friendship and love.

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It’s like happy hour, but cheaper and happier.” — Kelley “I began a tradition of grabbing a solo drink at a neighborhood bar after work.

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It was nice not feeling obligated to talk — sometimes you just want to be together.” — Abby On meeting friends: “I once walked into a store, and the salesgirl had just moved to Chicago and was so cool. Fast forward to years later, I was the maid of honor in her wedding!I wouldn’t have met her if I hadn’t just asked if she wanted to hang out.” — Caitlyn “After moving to Omaha, I struggled to make friends.On a whim, one Saturday night, I responded to a platonic Craigslist ad from a women who had dogs (love dogs), did yoga (me, too! We hit it off and almost four years later, we’re still friends.We’re even done a cross country road trip and are planning to go to Scotland this year.Our active members participate in yearly Tournaments, Juniors Program, Adult Clinics and Round Robins as well as celebrating an Opening Cookout with New Member Tourney and an Annual End of Year Party in October.

There are a limited number of private memberships available for Families, Men, Women and Juniors.

Our events range from dinner parties to book clubs to afternoon hikes to museum adventures to crafting parties.

If I ever have to move again, I’m starting a new chapter because it has given me some of the greatest friends I could have asked for.” — Lindsey On making plans RIGHT NOW: “Sometimes the best way to get friends to hang is to call them up and suggest doing something RIGHT NOW rather than try to schedule anything.

Whenever we write about friendship — making new ones, maintaining old ones — the comment section not only explodes with wisdom, readers often make connections, too.

So, next up in our best reader comments series, we’re happy to share 12 smart thoughts on being buddies… I love playing the drums, but being in the company of such strong, kind women has been transformative.

On trying new things: “As the parent of four young kids, I was really craving adult time. They’re all ages and backgrounds, which makes it even more interesting.