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The perfume was announced as one with dominant vetiver accompanied with salty notes and sunny, woody accords.It features shiny citruses, spices, precious wood and vetiver. would be the most correct word to speak of this fragrance, in my collection of fragrances with a vetiver note is simply number one!4/5 4 sprays on my chest, couldn't smell much so added another 3.

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At once both classy and casual, modern and classic, Grey vetiver should be, as others have said, in every man’s collection. While grapefruit is the prominent citrus note, the initial vibe I get is akin to Lemon Pledge furniture polish in the best way possible.

But even if that doesn’t sit well with you, take heart, as it quickly dissipates and become a clean, manly vetiver with hints of those lingering citrus notes, herbaceous sage, fresh florals (lily of The Valley), and softe woods.

In all honesty, this is a outstanding fragrance and better than many other vetiver offerings out there, but this is niche IMO and going to fit a certain person.

I get a very Formal fragrance that is certainly best for the mature and established business man, who is the serious type.

جای تاسف بود که هیچی از برند نیکلای نداشت و حتی فروشندگانش هم چیزی از این برند نمی دونستند.باید سرچ کنم تو پاریس محل فروش برند نیکلای کجا ست. It is simplistic in design but the blending and note composition holds my attention for a moment every time I spray it on in the morning.

It takes my mind to a certain state/place in those fleeting moments I get the whiffs of it during the day.

Ultimately, I like that this fragrance is daring in it's own way and fits a personality or style.

I would rather have more fragrance like this than cookie cutter ones and the quality is here.

I can imagine the favorite drinks of guys who wear this parfum: only hard liquors with fine quality... To me this is a definitely a fragrance for a mature man. I can definitely respect this fragrance but it just doesn't really suit me and I feel that it comes off as a bit cold and sterile. Overall it's quite good and the quality is very evident but to me it lacks personality and emotion.

Another thing worth mentioning is that while not completely similar to Grey Vetiver, Lalique Encre Noire Sport is an excellent more youthful take on a fresh vetiver fragrance. I wouldn't consider it to be an alternative to Grey Vetiver but people who enjoy this type of fragrance should check it out as well if they haven't already.

It's got an average longevity, better in spring and fall but could work all year long. Vetiver isn’t a note I enjoy either in particular but the perfect amount of citruses in This help balance it out.