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There is still a vast disconnect in representing women in a real way. It encourages consumers to see themselves reflected in the environments they frequent and fashion and media are no exceptions.It’s hard to ignore the lack of representation when the full-figured woman should be considered the rule and not the exception.These days, I love being the big spoon in the relationship and feeling like I am Paddy's teddy bear. This one tends to come from women who are actually quite strong, feminist role models and personal inspirations of my own.

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Often times department stores relegate the “Woman” or “Plus” sections to basements or suffocated between the maternity and shoe clearance.

There has been numerous body positive and size inclusive campaigns in the past year and a record-breaking number of curve models strutting the NYFW, but we need to see this become the regular.

To them, it didn't matter that he was intelligent or loving or good; it just mattered that I would be the one carrying my boyfriend over the threshold someday. Logic and love prevailed over sizeism and antiquated gender roles! To see a larger woman with a smaller (be it shorter or skinnier) man just isn't the norm (unless the woman is a tall and statuesque model — then it's OK).

I started to see our size difference as funny and cute. So in the course of these three years, here are some things I've heard and been asked.

From NYFW to Project RUNWAY plus size curvy women owned the media in one of the most tangible ways in recent history. Photos by: Ricardo Andre Studios Major fashion brands have began to embrace the entire spectrum of bodies of their consumers and have showcased their love for a variety of shapes an sizes which has proven to be profitable.

Although brands are releasing Plus and Curve divisions for their clothing lines, advertising still seems to miss the mark in regards to representing the women who patron them and to be honest the plus size community wants to know why.

Also, Los Angeles and San Jose have just a few hundred miles between them but are worlds apart in their love for full-figured women with men in LA nine times more likely than men in San Jose to like a “curvy” woman. No need to plan a major move but the next time you are browsing online dating profiles, give the guy’s city a second look.

The vast majority of men like women with shape, but not generally women who would describe themselves as full figured.

Perhaps now that we’ve called them out they’ll change their ways.

Take a look: Los Angeles, often labeled as a superficial city, had men that were three times more likely than men in New York City to like a “curvy” woman.

It's OK — it's right — for a big dude to have a skinny wife. He respected and encouraged every dream and every goal to implant itself into my brain.