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I ventured to Bountiful and spent a few hours a week there to take a scuba diving class; I got along with everyone but I tried to be careful what I said (once I said "god dammit" and got a few glares).

The things people said were very conservative-sounding. one person was talking about his girlfriend to when it came up in scuba class (his car broke and his girlfriend was coming to pick him up) and another dude asked him "Is she from around here?

One of my Mormon friends who lives in Salt Lake City says things that surprise even me...For example, he sometimes says borderline blasphemous things when in a debate with me about Atheism, Agnosticism, and religion, he said something like "my prophet died hanging from a tree, while your prophet, Cristopher Hitchens, died of cancer.People are also not very politically correct here which can get extremely awkward.Like, people complain about how we are too PC nowadays and people who are too PC can be annoying and offended way too easily, here though people are so un-PC it is awkward.I have found this personally fascinating because it is usually only very old people who make that distinction.

People back in Seattle, in an intro linguistics course, when presented with a sentence like "I ain't got nothing" will generally say something like "that sentence sounds bad" right before the professor gives his or her spiel on why it is a good sentence in many dialects of English, and that the "don't use a double negative" rule is prescriptive grammar.It is awkward hanging out with anyone because they feel so different from you, culture-wise, more mature (sometimes this can be annoying), and they have kids. There are lots of not so devout people who drink and stuff, but most of them have kids too. Once someone I was having a (completely unrelated) conversation with began complaining about Sweden because they like their universal healthcare.It is like hanging out with 30-40 year olds in any other U. People here tend to be so conservative that things like that bother them.I have literally been in conversations with people who claim, for example, that they can't distinguish between "brown people's" (literally the words she used) faces. There are also a lot of linguistically conservative people here.People are extremely prescriptive about the way people talk, and when people give lectures they do odd things like aspirating their word final consonants that people elsewhere in America don't do.He also works with Native American groups like the Shoshone, and I think he respects their beliefs as equally valid to Mormonism, which also has surprised me the more I work with him.