Gemini dating a gemini

When the Gemini woman is dominant in the relationship the tables are turned in favour of the female partner.

The Gemini woman can get away with being a little bit more airy than a Gemini man.

Deep down, they know what they are like, but they also know what they have to do.

So, there is a lot of trying to get to know each other as to how similar they are because there are different ways to cope.

The reality is that we are people who like people just like us. While that does happen for mature Gemini signs, the outward expression of actually living a responsible adult life still applies, but they try to spice things up in other ways.

It may seem like the Gemini would try to spice things up by doing something crazy.

Nothing would turn off a Gemini man or woman of another man or woman than encountering somebody who copes with this internal struggle between conventionality and spontaneity in a way that they don’t like.

For example, if the Gemini man copes with living a fairly boring life by trying to spice it up by reading very interesting books or hanging out with very edgy friends, he would be kind of freaked out if the Gemini woman he comes across is a bohemian or anti-establishment type of person.As mentioned above, as long as this is done within fairly comfortable boundaries, this should be okay just don’t go overboard and don’t overdo it.You don’t want to be sending out the wrong signals.You are expected to have your feet on the ground, and you are expected to be responsible and more rational.Women, if we are talking about societal expectations and sexism, can get a pass for being a little bit out there and when it comes to Gemini woman and Gemini man compatibility, the Gemini woman can let her bohemian side hang out a little bit more than a Gemini man. They can look at a problem or situation from different perspectives.