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South African Air Force Museum – South African Military Aviation history.

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Find many passenger lists here – you don’t get luckier than this!

The Ships List – Voyages to Australia and New Zealand.

The Anglo-Boer War Museum – A well designed website listing campaigns, regiments etc. The Huguenot Museum – Dedicated to preserving the history of the Huguenot Settlers in South Africa.

The John H Marsh Maritime Research Centre – An amazing collection of images and data on ships and shipping mainly centred around Cape Town.

South African History Online – Find out more about South African history – informative and updated daily.

The South African White Pages – Find all residential telephone and address listings in Telkom’s Official Website.St Helena Family History – Do you suspect that your ancestors might have come from St Helena Island?Browse this website – it includes Census records, military details, passenger records and individual family records. Try this huge indexed collection of records from Argentina documenting the presence of thousands of British and other English-speaking residents there.As well as an interesting section on the Boer War (1899 – 1902) which gives details of medals and how they were awarded.German Settler Ships – These ships brought German Settlers to South Africa during the mid 19th century.Includes baptisms, marriages, deaths from the Anglican and Scots Presbyterian churches and more… The A2A database contains catalogues from various archive repositories throughout England, dating from the 900s to the present day all searchable on one search engine.