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We rejoice that through the power of the Holy Spirit the great life-giving message of the death and Resurrection of Jesus has been passed on down the centuries, and that it has been brought to Ghana.2.After the efforts at evangelization that had been made in previous centuries, two generous priests, Father Moreau and Father Murat, succeeded 100 years ago in establishing the Catholic Church in this land.

On day 2, JPII travelled to Kumasi, celebrating Mass with catechists before speaking at the awards of the John XXIII International Peace Prize, and then meeting with the Bishops of Ghana & other African countries.

Before the day was out, JPII also spoke to seminarians and to the Diplomatic Corps.

On my part I assure you and all your fellow-citizens of my respect and friendship. At the same time they are united in a common resolve to be a nation where every man, woman and child, where every family and group feel respected in their dignity and in their desire to develop their potential to the full.

My affectionate greeting goes to all the people of Ghana, wherever they may be. I greet the authorities and the elders, the fathers and the mothers, and in a special way the young people and the children. I have come to be with the poor, to comfort the sick, to speak a word of encouragement and hope to those who are lonely, abandoned or in pain.2.

est une revue de l’INALCO consacrée à des études en langue française portant sur le Japon.

Sa perspective se veut pluridisciplinaire (histoire, ethnologie, géographie, économie, linguistique, littérature, arts, cinéma, etc.).And today in Accra, in this Cathedral dedicated to the Holy Spirit, we have assembled to celebrate this mystery, this great reality of the Holy Spirit’s presence in the Church - the presence of the Holy Spirit who continues to bear witness to Jesus and who stirs up new witnesses among the faithful in every generation.We rejoice to know that the Holy Spirit is with us still, that he unites the Church in her communion and in her ministry (cf Lumen Gentium, 4).During his pilgrimage, John Paul II spoke at the Welcome ceremony, addressed the Church in Ghana, met with the President of Ghana, with representatives of other Christian Confessions, and then with Muslim Leaders of Ghana.He ended his first day in Accra by celebrating Mass, and consecrating Ghana & all Africa to our Blessed Mother Mary.The farewell ceremony was on 10 May in Accra."Mr President,1.