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Even if you have a single designer doing a basic site, the communication between designer and client are a form of Project Management.One party has to ensure that all communications are tracked and nothing falls through the cracks.It is much more difficult to develop a site for multiple decision-makers than for one.

And, you will want your design firm involved in the preplanning process to a great extent.Creating a website involves strategic thinking, analysis of needs and audiences, and awareness of where you want it to develop over time.However, first impressions are sometimes the most important, and this is no less true of how a first time visitor to your Website.Of course, you want to convey a look that is a reflection of your organization's personality, mission, and goals. To achieve the crisp, professional look, it might be wise to request a proposal from 2-3 vendors.Project management hours will probably be billed at about the same rate as the design hours.

Factors such as institutional complexity and functionality will increase costs of project management in ways similar to their affect on strategy costs.

Redesign is costly, scope creep and loss of focus can derail a project entirely.

Taking the time to get all the potential decision makers, in advance, to agree on the goals and process that will be used in development will give you the best chance of getting you what you want for the budget you have laid out. You should account for the time spent internally, including that by the top-level decision makers.

Another estimate may include elements that you can more easily accomplish in-house.

If you are looking at completed websites, you may be able to judge the cost of the website from the quality and the functional elements, but some things might also be misleading.

We have broken out some typical website cost categories and thrown in a range of costs for each.