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So, where can these kids get access to information, if they can’t get it from talking to family or in schools. Chatbots have been a big topic in the marketing world over the past couple of years.They are becoming easier to make and artificial intelligence is enabling them to learn on the go.Shaw believes the cognitive interview will translate well to workplace harassment and discrimination, even though, like police reports, workplace complaints often carry severe consequences. Users can chat with Spot using its messaging-style interface which is like chatting with a person, without having an actual person on the other end.

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Julia Shaw, a criminal psychologist and memory expert at the University College London, is hoping the newly launched Spot can do the job.

The chatbot, developed with cofounders Dylan Marriott and Daniel Nicolae, uses artificial intelligence and memory science.

Empower Work offers peer-based text support or web chat-based support for U. However, Shaw and her cofounders claim that the AI behind Spot will help it be the first of its kind to do cognitive interviews.

Shaw explains that the cognitive interview first asks the person to freely describe what happened.

This isn’t the first service aimed at facilitating the reporting of harassment and discrimination.

With the STOPit app, employees are able to report incidents such as harassment, intimidation, bullying, discrimination, and workers’ comp fraud anonymously. Others like [email protected] helps day laborers report and prevent wage theft.“We are also working on creating a management system for companies that can improve the receiving and resolving of complaints,” she says.Spot does not keep reports, and will never make money from the reports themselves.“All questions are open-ended rather than leading the person to a certain response.The cognitive interview was developed by scientists to help police reliably extract accounts of important life events,” Shaw explains.“If harassment or discrimination was a reason they left,” she says, “it is definitely advised to see whether this type of behavior is continuing.”The potential challenge, says Shaw, is that if the person who sent a report didn’t identify themselves, whoever gets the report may not be able to verify whether the sender was an employee.