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") decides to go ahead with his own operation, with the help of a few similarly inebriated fellow patients.

Oliver Reckitt Kenneth Williams Humphrey Hinton Charles Hawtrey Dorothy Denton Shirley Eaton Matron Hattie Jacques Bernie Bishop Kenneth Conner Nurse Dawson Joan Sims Jill Thompson Jill Ireland Edward York Terence Langdon Percy Hickson Bill Owen Jack Bell Leslie Phillips Sister Joan Hickson Mr Raven Harry Locke Staff Nurse Ann Firbank Mick Brian Oulton The Colonel Wilfred Hyde White Norm Norman Rossington Jane Bishop Susan Shaw Marje Hickson Irene Handl Ginger Michael Medwin Maisie June Whitfield Nurse Nightingale Susan Beaumont (1959 C4 95-minutes B&W) Carry On Constable Long-suffering police sergeant Wilkins (Sid James) finds his patience tested to near breaking point by a new bunch of coppers at the local station, who are sent as relief staff during a flu epidemic.

This listing puts the entire series of films in their correct running order.

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During one of his performances he falls off the platform and is taken to the chaotic local hospital.

Matron romances supercilious Doctor Tinkle, Mr Roper smokes under the bedclothes, Sandra May pops out of her nurses uniform, and Frankie Howerd makes his series debut.

With: Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Conner, Liz Fraser, Dilys Laye, Lance Percival and Esma Cannon (1962 ITV 85-minutes) Carry On Cabby A cab war is inevitable when cab company owner Sid refuses to leave his work behind him when he comes home.

But the all-women rival company finds it isnt quite so easy as they first thought when their boss, Sids wife, is kidnapped during a robbery.

Not originally a Carry On film, that title was added almost at the end of production, and didnt even appear in the finished product.

Nevertheless, with Kenneth Williams ("theres many a good fiddle played on an old dune") and company in attendance, the film is a classic of the series.

Sergeant Grimshawe William Hartnell Mary Sage Shirley Eaton Pvt Charlie Sage Bob Monkhouse Cpt Potts "the Perfect" Eric Barker Nora Dora Bryan Corporal Coppin Bill Owen Pvt Golightly Charles Hawtrey Pvt Horace Strong Kenneth Conner Pvt James Bailey Kenneth Williams Pvt M Hayward Terence Longdon Herbert Brown Norman Rossington Pvt Andy Galloway Gerald Campion Captain Clark Hattie Jacques Sergeant Paddy OBrien Terry Scott With: Bernard Kay, Brian Jackson, Arnold Diamond, Gordon Tanner, Martin Boddey, Frank Forsyth, Ian Whittaker, Edward Judd, Jack Smethurst and Cyril Chamberlain (1958 ITV B&W) Carry On Teacher To persuade their anti-caning headmaster not to leave the school at the end of term, some of the pupils of Maudlin Street School take to sabotage in a big way, especially when a famous child psychologist and a schools inspector arrive.

Mr Adams Kenneth Conner Mr Bean Charles Hawtrey Mr Grigg Leslie Philips Miss Alcock Joan Sims Mr Milton Kenneth Williams Miss Shaw Hattie Jacques Felicity Wheeler Rosalind Knight Mr Wakefield Ted Ray Alf the Caretaker Cyril Chamberlain Stevens the Saboteur Richard OSullivan (1959 ITV 95-minutes B&W) Carry On Nurse Funny goings-on in Haven Hospital ensue when impatient Mr Bell ("ding-dong!

Sid James was genuinely bedridden for much of this production.

Francis Bigger Frankie Howerd Charles Roper Sidney James Doctor Tinkle Kenneth Williams Mr Barron Charles Hawtrey Doctor Kilmore Jim Dale Nurse Clark Anita Harris Sandra May Barbara Windsor Chloe Gibson Joan Sims Matron Hattie Jacques With: Bernard Bresslaw, Peter Butterworth, Dandy Nichols, Peter Jones, Derek Guyler, Dilys Laye, Peter Gilmore, Harry Locke, Brian Wilde, Marianne Stone, Lucy Griffiths, Gertan Klauber and Julian Holloway (1968 BBC 95-minutes) Carry On Up The Khyber The villainous Khasi of Kalabar plans a rebellion against the Governor, Sir Sydney Ruff-Diamond, but the contents of Sir Sydneys Highlanders kilts sees off the Khasi.

Sir Rodney Ffing Sid James Citizen Camembert Kenneth Williams Lord Darcy Jim Dale Duc de Pommfrit Charles Hawtrey Desire Dubarry Joan Sims Citizen Bidet Peter Butterworth Jacqueline Dany Robin Robespierre Peter Gilmore English Ladies Marianne Stone and Jacqueline Pearce (1966 BBC 87-minutes) Carry On Follow That Camel When Sergeant Bilko was demobbed, Phil Silvers came to England to play Sergeant Nocker of the Foreign Legion in this high-spirited satire of adventure epics.