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It's like all the electricity in the house is running through my spinal cord.And even before the paralysis "sets in" I can hear it coming. I know what's happening with the paralysis but I'd like to know if anyone else hears the loud hum? You've hit on a key insight with highlighting the fact that you usually only experience SP during naps.After the understanding was numbed i then realized I didnt know any of the voices anymore....following by a loud buzzing sound, as if a large bee were near me. The first experience was almost 5 years ago I woke up by the sound it was making and the first thing I see is this orange Orbit moving around my room...I couldn't move right away but I did scream out of terror and all of a sudden it was gone as well as the buzz.She likes to take her time with rushing and once she staring getting in the mood there is no turning back.

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I can feel like my head is spinning (like when you drunk n lie down with ur eyes closed) and the buzzing starts, then the paralysis, voices/hallucinations n sometime like someones touching my face..

and sometimes wake up after with a pain in my head. but I jus try and think while its happening that its not real The "buzzing" for me is the scariest part as I then know what's coming!

Grrr I wonder if this sleep paralysis could be caused by stress? I was very tired though iy was dark and i was hallucinatin..dreaming with my eyes open.

It's only happened once but I heard familiar voices saying random things, after a while everything seemed as a foreign language and i couldnt understand at all. I wake up seeing these colorful orbits and the sound they make is just as you all described it an energy field about to explode.

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