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As far as i know she remained on her own and became a farmer , dont know about now lost touch in the 70s .depends what we define someones sex by really.

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Getting them undressed and seeing a c*ck when you wernt expecting it might be offputting and would probably get a "WTF" type reaction!!!!!

A member of my family has 2 sets of sexual organs but both are female.....she has 2 vaginas, 2 wombs, 2 sets of tubes etc etc.

An intersex child who grows up at odds with his physical sex would be able to fit in with society within the range of accepted adult norms and go through ops etc if they so wished and live a normal life.

I have no idea how id react to an intersex person i met for dating.

I could imagine in some relationships an inability to bear children may be a deal breaker too.

I know you can adopt/surragecy/fostering these days but not everyone feels able to do that.37 YO Intersexual (Hermaphrodite) in SE PA area with a HUGE FUR fetish. Looking to make local friends & go to the few clubs around in the area. Jennifur This group ROCKS, GLad I joined, finally getting to know these girls on a more personal basis by being able to talk to some outside the club atmosphere and that helps in getting to know people that you start to call your friends!!! Jennifur LGBTQ · LGBT Social Group · transgender men · Crossdressers and our sex life · Transgender Women · Trans/Gender Queer, queer and queer friendly peeps · Drag Queen · Crossdressing hints and helps · Smart Crossdressing · Cross Dressing · Families of Transgenders · Transgender · LGBT · Dance Parties Here you can meet trans people; transsexuals, transgender, mtf, ftm or gender fluid, to discuss gender identity, offer educational and emotional support, and have a good time in an accepting environment. Angela's Laptop Lounge is a social get together that's all about fun. I only phrase it that way as I don't know if there's been surgical intervention. We're no longer in contact but gender did not play a role in our loss of communication.I did know someone who was intersexed , i always knew her as female as she was my sisters friend and never thought of her any different than female .Where things go in more complex cases is hard to say.