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This will also serve as a guide and reference of personnel for data collection and encoding.Please refer to Annex V for the additional, changed/revised data elements.

School Level -Address -Contact details (telephone no., email address, website- if any) -Class organization (multigrade, monograde or combination} -Date established2. 2008 (Authority to Grant Overtime Pay and Other Benefits to Personnel Involved in the Operations of the Basic Education Information System (BEIS)f and Dep Ed Order 30, s.Division Level -Curricular Offering Classification (COC) -Reopening and closing of a school -Updating of integrated schools -Renaming of school -School classification -Assignment of School Head, updating of Plantilla Position- including assignment of user account and role 5. Source of Funds PMIS Funds shall be downloaded directly to the SDOs to aid in activities that allows for the timely and accurate accomplishment of the LIS and EBEIS and other planning activities. Overtime Services and Payment All personnel involved in the LIS and EBEIS in all the public schools, district, division, and regional offices, all are allowed to render overtime (OT) services with pay during weekdays, weekends, and holidays when necessary to meet the target schedules. 2016 “Policies and Guidelines on Overtime Services and Payment in the Department of Education”.Further, schools may post the accomplished forms to their respective bulletin board. Data Dictionary The Dep Ed’s data dictionary will communicate a common meaning of all the data elements in the system for consistency and common understanding among the stakeholders within and outside Dep Ed.These set of information describing the content, format and structure of the database will be orderly managed in details.All public and private elementary and secondary schools, learning centers, SUCs and LUCs offering elementary and secondary education, are directed to ensure prompt, complete and accurate accomplishment of the LIS and EBEIS. Class advisers of public schools and designated school system administrators/school registrar of private schools and SUCs offering elementary and secondary education must ensure that all learners’ profile will be updated.

School Heads (SHs) must ensure the accuracy and completeness of the school’s BOSY data. The School Division Superintendents (SDS), through the School Governance and Operations Division – Planning and Research Unit (SGOD-PRU) and the Information Technology Officers (ITO), shall jointly provide technical assistance and resources as necessary, to the schools to ensure compliance to the guidelines of the BOSY data collection in the LIS and EBEIS.This Dep Ed order provides guidance in the conduct of updating of data and information through the LIS and EBEIS.This shall be a venue for sharing and collection of data; which is intended to deliver accurate and relevant information to school heads, educational managers, policy makers and various stakeholders in the education system that are integral part of the Department’s planning, policy and program development.The creation of school ID in the system will be open up to October 31, 2017.All new schools approved after the closing of the BOSY 2017-2018 will be created before the start of the next school year.This order also prescribes the revised matrix of accountability across governance levels and updated data elements in the data dictionary as per the policies and issuances of the strand of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Procedures Updating of the BOSY 2017-2018 enrolment and other data encoding requires proper End of School Year 2016-2017 status.