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It also allows you to give each other suggestions on what to read next.

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(Okay, it’s not always Get your hands dirty and make some art together—you can get to know each other while making a new addition for your home.

So, even if the date is bad, you’ll at least feel like your time wasn't wasted.“Grabbing coffee” doesn’t have to be a boring first date.

Some people may not be into this, but if you turn it into a fun hangout it’ll make the date way more memorable than dinner and a movie.

The adrenaline rush of watching your favorite sports team with someone else who maybe, possibly shares your fanaticism can be a quick and easy way to get to know each other. When you're both book nerds, a day spent browsing your local bookstore is the ideal set-up to get you bonding over your favorite titles.

Yelp and Ok Cupid worked together to craft a list of spots for each category, then they left it in the hands of the users of Ok Cupid.

Those on the dating site then voted on the winners.

For those not familiar, Ok Cupid is a free online dating site and app.

Yelp is a user review site where you can see what people think of nearby restaurants, salons, stores and more.

It’s date night, and it’s on you to decide where you and your partner go. Yelp and Ok Cupid recently released a list of the best date spots in Philadelphia.

These range from the best place to get your PDA on to the perfect location for a romantic photo.

If it gets too hot out, retreat indoors for some board games or table tennis.