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AT&T hides all contact information from customers unless they choose a specific problem they need help with from customer service.

We tried a variety of customer service combinations to find a list of contact phone numbers. Dallas, TX 75202 If you are an AT&T customer or you want to learn more about the products and services offered by AT&T, you can visit the official website at

AT&T is one of the largest cell phone providers in the United States.The company offers more than just cell phone service, however.Is emailing customer service the best available option in order to receive answers regarding products and services? It appears customer service is not a top priority of AT&T.Do you feel the same way when you contacted customer service?We have not received a response from the customer service department yet.

When we reached out to the customer service department, we were greeted by an automated response system.

Although the customers service email for AT&T is available here: [email protected], we have not heard a response to our question regarding products and services available. See the AT&T response below: Dear Richard, Contacting AT&T by phone would be the best method to learn more about the products and services available.

After several attempts, we finally received an email response from AT&T. Below are a few contact numbers for departments within AT&T that may be able to assist you.

We want to hear your experiences when you attempted to contact the customer service department.

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If you do not see the service you are looking for, please call us and we will be happy to direct you to the correct team for assistance.