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Other Projects I went on to seek out other dramas of Hyun Bin’s, starting with Worlds Within (2008).

I liked (but didn’t love) Worlds Within for its docu-drama sort of feel, and was suitably fascinated by the Reel to Real romance between him and leading lady Song Hye Kyo (which reportedly lasted until he enlisted in the military, after which both actors’ agencies announced their break-up).

Every corner I turned, there was more Hyun Bin to be had, and it was really, shortlist!

I was sorry to see him leave our screens for MS, but was duly awed by his commendable and courageous choice.At the same time, with a distinct scarcity of Hyun Bin on our screens, my attention as they say in dramaland.Besides the sexy, I was also impressed with how gamely Hyun Bin threw himself into the funny; body-swapping, sparkly tracksuits and all.Even more than that, I was extremely impressed by Hyun Bin’s fantastic delivery, particularly in a (very difficult) elevator scene, which reportedly was completed in a single take. With just this one drama, Hyun Bin had firmly established his presence on my k-radar.But I did like the idea of a strong heroine, and came away more impressed with Kim Sun Ah than anyone else, heh.

Of course, that didn’t mean that I’d lost interest in Hyun Bin. In fact, he was the main reason I checked out Late Autumn (2011).Yes, on hindsight, I’d probably have some issues with some of his character’s more domineering moments if I were to attempt a rewatch now, but I can’t deny that Hyun Bin’s intent smoldering gaze made me swoon.A I could hardly breathe while watching this scene.Movie Comeback: The Fatal Encounter / The King’s Wrath After Hyun Bin’s military discharge in December 2012, it took another one and a half years for his comeback project, The Fatal Encounter, to hit screens. ) watched the movie, and was reminded all over again of what an excellent actor Hyun Bin is.He’s understated in expressing his character’s struggles, yet manages to convey the full extent of his concerns with impressive nuance, and a regality fitting of the role.That’s pretty much everything you’d want from your Dream Boyfriend, right?