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Not only it serves as a Proof of Identity and Address, it also serves various other important purposes.

If you did not link your Aadhaar Card while opening a new account in ICICI Bank, you can do it at any point of time.

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If you already have registered for internet banking you may go ahead with the online procedure, if not then there is also an offline method available.

In case you have internet banking enabled then it is comparably more convenient and effortless and you may easily be able to link your bank account with your Aadhar card online with no need to leave your home, just follow these simple steps given below: Your Aadhar card shall be linked with your bank account after successful execution of this procedure.

I took an ICICI trading account and initially started with IPOs.

If you know or not, recent Coal India IPO was a big hit making 40% profit for retail investors within days of listing.

: You will be notified by SMS once your Aadhaar Number is linked to ICICI Bank Account.

Unfortunately ICICI Bank does not offer the service of linking your Aadhaar card to ICICI Bank account via SMS.

I already tried investing in mutual funds and made good returns too. As I got the trading account, I tried to invest in mutual funds through my trading account.

After I have gone through the mutual fund research, I selected a fund, selected the amount, and clicked the apply button. So, I have done a little research and learned about the KYC Norms implemented by SEBI. KYC – Know Your Client/Customer is a term used for client/customer identification.

I found that linking Aadhaar by ICICI Bank Net Banking is the quickest methods of all.

Recently, I have started learning share trading on my own.

You shall be notified by a text message or SMS on your registered mobile number or an email on your registered email address.