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He was about 21 , fit body, six pack, etc....first time for him to. Love to suck him again."My first time was when I met a bloke at day college.We regularly went to public toilets and wanked and sucke each other off,the hardness of his cock fascinated me.Great watching her holding my cock and feeding it into her hubbys mouth.And when i came they both kissed each other over my cock sharing my cum.i've never sucked a cock but i'd be lying if i said i didn't fantasise about it at times.The second time I met a guy with a gorgeous cock and I deep-throated him to completion, it was so hot feeling that tool swell and throb and spurt into me, lovely!

he cheated a bit and finished me off by hand, I think he regretted it because I hadn't cum for a few days and it was heavy to say the least; he was kneeling over me on his bed and when I came it went flying..kept finding cum in odd places like his armpit lolfirst time was when met a bi couple many years ago in my early 20's. both very attractive couple, he was similar size to me 8" and thick uncut cock.Jag pulled up and an oldish guy said 'not going to jump are you'. " Don't know why but I got in and back at his he was open. " "Only female up to now but never say never" It was then I noticed the porn he'd put on had a bloke rimming a girls arse before pushing his cock stronger in to the hilt she squealed like anything.'Oh dear she should be so lucky' he said with a sardonic smile.I could not bend it or move it to the side,it was that hard. Oh happy days."My first time was with a mate from school we had both discovered we could cum....used to come round and wank me off while I winked him....quickly progressed to oral with swallowing and then full be that age again on the brink of a few times since and recently find myself craving doing it again...time going all deepthroat on it my first time was in the changing rooms at school, when showering I got an erection and the kids took the micky out of me.So for that whole year,every tuesday,we had a ball with each other. I was crying and one of the kids made my suck on his cock, while the others jeered him on. it was probably the first time I came, but from that moment on, I now love sucking cocks, but have no real attraction to men xx First time was late one night/early one morning I'd been out in London and I was walking over Wrstminster Bridge. Why don't you get in and we can take a drive to mine? After only a minute or two he started breathing really heavy, managing to get a croaky "I'm cumming" out I looked up at him and nodded seconds before his bell end swelled, his legs shot forward rigid and his load blasted into my mouth.