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Heap's first album, i Megaphone, was released in 1998.

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"Ever since I decided to do this on my own, great things have come my way," she says sitting back in her fluffy studio chair.Not withstanding her star-struck surveyor, other factors have also seemingly conspired in her favour.[Verse 1] Oh, my tiny human At you break me apart again The space-time continuum Buckles and bends around your every twist and turn [Pre-Chorus 1] I can barely remember Life before...[Chorus 1] You came crashing in on that day Crazy, beautiful you Blind me like the dawn After ashes fell on Pompeii Crazy, beautiful you [Verse 2] A miracle, a mystery And one short stop away from joy to misery When the night becomes day I give you my every last ounce You make a pin-cushion out of me And you can thank me later, babe (if I'm alive) How long can one live without sleep?C.', in a prize slot which last season used Jeff Buckley's heart-rending version of the Leonard Cohen-penned 'Hallelujah', 'Hide And Seek' leapt from No.

98 to No.32 in the Official Billboard Hot 100 Download Chart, making Imogen the No.1 Electronic Act on the chart.Impressively, the track, which was only available on i Tunes as oppose to the many music sites which make up the Download Chart, sold 9,700 copies as a download in one week alone, and more impressively, gave Megaphonic the only independently-released track in the entire Hot 100 chart that week.With the album done and dusted, Heap can't help but revel in her serendipity.In 2005, Heap released her second studio album, Speak for Yourself.One of the album's singles, "Hide and Seek", went on to certified Gold by the RIAA.Filled with grace and passion, and loaded with hooks, it's a captivating Bjork meets pop-Squarepusher gem of a record and the thoroughly deserving source of her exhilaration.