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In traditional culture, people give more importance to their society.

Here, transparent, revealing and tight fit dresses are not likened.Hindi is the most popular language of the country, but there are 122 major languages which are spoken in India.Here most people belong to Christianity and Judaism.People give more importance to their wants, needs, desires and happiness.Nobody here has time to think what other people thinks about them because they are busy in doing their own business. People do not have a strong bond with their family; they leave home after reaching the age of 18 to become self-dependent. Western architecture, paintings, and music are highly admired across the world.

If we talk about marriages, love marriages and consented marriages are very popular in western countries. Ballet dance and ballroom dance are the popular dance forms here.Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.Here you can see the variety of clothing depending on the region.The Indian woman prefers Saree or Salwar Kameez with dupatta whereas Dhoti Kurta, and Kurta Payjama is the traditional outfit of men in India.On the other hand, Western culture, it is quite advanced and open.