dating expert tv show Inexpensive double dating ideas

Plan an overnight or weekend getaway at a cabin or hip hotel.Rent a van or SUV and travel to your destination together.

Not only will you learn a lot about your spouse, but it is just plain HILARIOUS! Let the competition begin with a fun Mario Kart game night, based on Mario Kart Wii!

We have even included some fun Mario-themed recipes!

And during bathroom conversations with other wives you get a chance to be reminded that the challenges that you face are not exclusive to just you and your spouse.

Nope, your husband isn’t the only husband who thinks you baby the kids too much.

We talked as we stood in lines, laughed at the photos taken of us on the rides and enjoyed being able to forgo the kiddie rides for one day.

If you and your friends love music get a group together and attend a live concert.

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good excuse to get together with friends for fun, and super creative, group date ideas, or to try out some new, fun double date ideas!

Hold hands with your spouse and cruise around the rink. Dinner (or dessert) and a movie is our go to group date outing.

We typically try to see the movie first and talk about it over dinner. It lends itself to a little friendly competition but tends to be fun for everyone.

Before you leave stop to pick up a few souvenirs for the kids.