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I wondered if there was something in my speech or mannerisms that caused their reaction?I was not intentionally speaking or acting in an affected manner.I felt that I was a typical boy and I enjoyed doing "boy things," unlike many trans sisters, who as children, hated "boy things" and preferred "girl things."I enjoyed boy activities... I was not your typical rough and tumble boy and I did not like to take part in any activities where pain was a possibility.

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If I desire to live full-time as a woman, am I still a crossdresser? something beyond a crossdresser, but not quite a transsexual mainly because I never felt that I was a woman trapped inside the body of a male.

As a youngster, I participated in sports (baseball and football) and played "boy games" (cowboys, war, spacemen, etc.).

What you are about to read is startling and may present new concepts that seem almost incredible.

Wonderful and solemn new insight has been shed on a subject that is central throughout the entire Bible – the salvation of man through the death and mediation of the Messiah.

I'm sure there are many of you out there who have visited Stana's Femulate site. It's a wonderful resource for fashion, and crossdressing and also includes Stana's daily activity updates and even a touch of her own brand of humor.

I identify as transgender, more specifically, a heterosexual male-to-female crossdresser, who crossdresses once or twice per month (in deference to my spouse).During his 2nd dive trip, he learned a very painful lesson.He swam for hours, searching the sea floor at a depth of about 30 feet – believing that the water would filter out the sun’s harmful rays.What's a series of guest posts, focusing on crossdressing, without featuring one from my friend, Stana?Stana is very well known in the T Community, both internationally via her blog, but also locally, via her outreach activity.However, I readily admit that if I had the opportunity, I would crossdress 24/7 and live full-time as a female without surgery, hormones, or other body modifications.