International marriage agency dating site

This guy apparently cut and pasted the whole damn website, then changed the photos and a few words around and inserted Filipina girls in place of the Latinas.He copied text word-for-word and then inserted the word Philippines or Filipina in the place of Colombia or Latina.

They were using Engage the Exotic as a description link to their site on the dating directories.This one was from A Single Place directory: “Latins Connection: Engage the Exotic Latina. See pictures and videos of Latin women and Colombian women.Our demand that they discontinue the use of our slogan on 7/13/2004 was acknowledged and removed from their web site the next day.But this did not stop Barranquilla´s Best continued admiration of International Introductions.I got a kick out of this one: Original Latin site: “There is a reason why Colombia has the lowest divorce rate in the world; their world is centered on the family.” Copied Filipina site: “There is a reason why the Philippines has zero divorce; their world is centered on the family.” Actually, divorce is illegal in the Philippines, unless you are Muslim.

How´s that for blatant plagiarism and outright lies?

Find a beautiful exotic Latin wife.” Demands to remove our slogan was met with: “This introduction is really general and it has been used for many latin marriage agencies on-line, this is the reason because we use it.” And “Engage The Exotic” is only a phrase that is present in some search engines, isn´t our slogan, is only a phrase.” Our response: The slogan belongs to International Introductions under the umbrella of laws that protects original work.

We made it very clear to you that this was an original creation and that the proper position was for you to create your own slogan or in this case advertisement title instead of stealing ours.

One of our advertisement copies reads, “Engage the Exotic your opportunity for an exotic engagement discover a Latin bride.” I Love Latins (formerly Barranquilla Beauties) added to their websites affiliate page for, “Engage the Exotic your opportunity for an exotic engagement discover Latin bride.” Our demand for I Love Latins to remove trademark protected copy went unanswered.

Many days later they changed “exotic” to “erotic” (how clever).

Even if there was no such protection after bringing this to your attention, the appropriate action should have been to create your own copy/heading instead of taking ours.