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In addition, law enforcement agencies constantly run sting operations on the Internet to bait unknowing offenders.

Often offenders do not even know that they are committing a crime.

Victims of child abuse are acquainted with their abuser in the vast majority of these crimes.

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Rape is an extremely serious offense that can be complex because of any number of extenuating circumstances.

Accusations of rape can cause irreparable damage to a person’s reputation, regardless if they are convicted.

Regardless of whether the accused is convicted, the consequences for accusations of child abuse can stay with a person throughout their life.

A conviction for child abuse can result in severe consequences, which may include: The internet represents a new frontier for the legal community.

Sexual assault is an extremely serious crime that can be complicated by any number of extenuating circumstances.

Charges of sexual assault can impact the accused for a lifetime.

A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can evaluate the case and advise on the best course of action.

In many cases, the charges can be reduced or even dismissed.

Statutory rape differs from forcible sex crimes because no overt threat or force needs to be present.

Because the victim of the crime is not able to legally give consent, coercion is assumed.

Statutory rape cases can be complicated by many different factors, including the age difference between accused and victim, among others.