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This includes verbal threats, unjust criticisms, sabotage of a person's work or supplies, sexual harassment, and physical violence.

Actions like these erode the confidence of employees and affects their ability to do their jobs.

But, these numbers are on the rise with the notoriety that bullying has gained.

Or worse, the bully gossips about you, tells lies to your coworkers, and even undermines and sabotages your work.If you dread going to work, you may have a bully coworker or boss.But, you can assess the impact by how they now treat you.Workplace intimidation is intentionally and maliciously causing an employee or coworker to feel inadequate or afraid.In many places, it is punishable by fines and imprisonment, and businesses may also be held liable if they do not respond appropriately.

Those who feel they are being subjected to workplace intimidation can get help from managers and law enforcement.

Workplace bullies are often jealous of the accomplishment of others, and try to make their work more difficult by insulting and threatening them.

Even when no physical harm is administered, verbal abusers can cause significant emotional stress, and make an employee feel uncomfortable and scared to go to work.

They need evidence and witnesses, even if everyone knows, that the bully is a bully. Also, if you decide to press charges in the future, you need to have witnesses and dated documentation.

An earlier Zogby-WBTI study indicates that only 3 percent of bullied employees sue and 4 percent complain to state or federal agencies.

Most importantly, once you have set the limit in your mind, exercise your right to tell the bully to stop the behavior.