Intimidating features

Winning two Super Bowls during his career, Lewis made sure opposing players didn't try coming into his area, because he often knocked the snot out of them or made another big play. Showing a rare ability to jump and swat passes, bulldoze through blocks to get to the passer, or get to the outside with tremendous speed, Watt is a throwback to when players were all about one thing, playing football with no excuses.

You may know Christopher Lee from Lord of the Rings film trilogy, but he was more than just an actor.And when it comes to music, his old age didn't stop him from going into heavy metal.By voice, musical abilities, and image Phil Anselmo was a perfect match for Pantera's heavy music.Just witnessing this kind of guy is enough earning him the second spot on the list of the most intimidating metal musicians.His appearance and deep voice were enough to send the chills down your spine.

Being surrounded by some serious pyrotechnics while singing in German seems intimidating enough.Really crazy (in a good way) and talented guy - it's a shame that he's underrated just because \"he is from Limp Bizkit\".But his images for every concert and video are really strange and scary - true (mad) art.He maintained his terrifying nightmare-inducing image and has managed to scare and piss some people off throughout his career.Like it isn't enough being 6' 7\" tall and all packed with muscles, Peter Steele was also a frontman of the legendary gothic metal band Type o Negative.Success doesn't just have to be a work thing, either.